WEDDING and HONEYMOON plans begin NOW!

First, we are so thankful for all the messages we received congratulating us on our engagement! Thanking everyone who reached out from around the world with only words of support and love. It was emotional to read some of those messages! Here come the waterworks again!

Thank you all so much. We are at the start of a very exciting new chapter for the both of us! Even though we’ve been together for about 3 years, it feels like our love and bond became stronger.

I didn’t think that was possible so I can only imagine what being a husband will be like… so excited. We have big plans over the next year. So make sure to follow us on a bit of a ride.

We’re planning a wedding, renovating a condo, working on our family’s Christmas Tree Farm “random” and hitting the gym as much as possible.

We are planning some trips in search of good food, good wine, the finer things in life and of course awesome house music! An epic honeymoon is in the works. Give us some destination ideas! Where should we go?