What is the perfect engagement ring? Everyone is different. It has to fit your style, stand out, and maybe turn some heads, but it’s not as easy as you would think.

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Our Top 9 Summer 2020 Engagement Rings will point you in the right direction and maybe even open your eyes new look that you had otherwise not considered.

Our selections are elegant, sophisticated, and timeless. Each of them brings an elevated style, a unique quality, and something special.

We hope you LOVE them all as much as we do! Click on each picture for more info and where to buy them.

PS: We are sharing our ridiculously crazy engagement story; scroll down! It’s a story that will maybe make you laugh, cry or inspire an engagement story of your own.

Please enjoy and keep on shining bright!


White Gold Round Free Form Diamond Engagement Ring



White Gold Split Prong Cathedral Engagement Ring



Emerald Cut Double French-Set Diamond ‘V’ Engagement Ring



Platinum Oval Halo Engagement Ring



Marquise Three Row Pave Diamond Halo Engagement Ring



White-Rose Gold Hidden Halo Engagement Ring




Cushion Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring



Milgrain and Pavé V-Shank Diamond Engagement Ring



14K White Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring


Our CRAZY Engagement Story

As a guy, getting ready to pop the question is a nerve-wracking experience; believe me! Your guy might play it cool, but on the inside, he’s probably a nervous wreck.

When I proposed to Sam, I set the mood on a patio covered in candles and rose petals overlooking the ocean. I booked the presidential suite of a gorgeous boutique hotel and set up a nice dinner for us in the evening. I wanted to make it memorable and went “all-out” to create what I hoped would be the most romantic night of our lives.

We are from Vancouver, BC, but the engagement happened on a stunning evening in Monterrey, CA, at the Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa.

We got the Presidential Suite, and it was NOT cheap. I said I went all-out and did not cut any corners here.

While we were at dinner, the concierge team snuck in and decorated our massive patio. The mood would be set with an epic oceanfront scene at sunset, with over two hundred candles and thousands of rose petals! With even the hot tub in a full-decorative glow, there would be no turning back!

I decided that I would speak from my heart with a good idea of what I would say when the time came to propose. I had even rehearsed a few options out loud while looking in the mirror. They all sounded great to me, so I was somewhat confident going in but utterly unprepared at the same time.

Although I knew I was probably going to get a yes, I did not consider the emotional toll that would be completely overcoming.

As soon as we got back to the room, I went to the patio door and peeked out through the curtains to make sure the hotel decorated it appropriately.

It was perfect! So perfect that, rather than exhaling, knowing everything was going to be perfect, the beauty and importance hit me, and I started to cry! That’s right!! and Sam was not out on the patio yet!

I was crying too much to tell him that I got something in my eye or had an allergy attack! I was far past that.

I closed the patio curtains to walked over to Sam, who was out of sight, making us cocktails.

I grabbed his hand, and he glanced at me with this “what the hell are you crying about” look on his face, so I got him out to the patio as quick as I could so he would stop asking questions.

He asked questions anyway.

“What’s going on?”

“Why are you pulling me so hard?”

I didn’t have time to answer any of that nonsense, and I was barely squeezing his arm. Haha!

To shut him up, I yanked him over to the patio, opened the curtains, opened the sliding door, and just like that, it felt like a fairy tale.

If Disney is reading this and needs a Prince meets Prince story, look no further.

As you can imagine, my “speak from the heart plan” went out the window. I honestly can’t remember what I said. It was more just the sound of wiping tears, sniffling with possible drool, followed by a weird squeaky sound that I’m sure the seals and dolphins swimming in the ocean below understood just fine!

I remember vividly getting down on one knee, asking Sam to marry me, opening the ring box, and getting that big YES!

What happened next would surprise and shock me to my core!

He said, “Wait, Right Here!”.

He went back into the room and pulled out a ring that he had already bought for me! So crazy! He had planned a proposal for the night before at an outdoor music festival. When the time came, he said that it didn’t feel like the right moment, so he decided to keep the ring on hand when an ideal opportunity presented itself.

It ended up being the day after he had initially planned, which landed on the day I planned. Haha! Yes, he used my setting, but it could not have been more perfect. He chose this over proposing on stage at a music festival, which didn’t feel suitable for him, but he was prepared.

He was more prepared than I was and had written such a beautiful proposal. He joined in with my crying but managed to get it all out, and I, of course, gave him a big YES in return.

The experience itself was memorable and unbelievable at the same time. We both bought rings, with a matching one for ourselves of course, and proposed to each other on the same day!

Planning can sometimes only prepare you to a certain extent until the universe takes over.

Getting down on one knee, opening the ring box, and asking the love of your life to marry you is incredible.

From the other side, seeing the ring box open and being asked the same question is also quite incredible. So weird thinking we both got to experience both!

It was also eye-opening how nervous you get when you propose and how gitty you feel when you get proposed to.

About the rings, most men’s wedding bands are a fraction of her diamond engagement ring, focusing on the significance of the purchase and understanding how to buy diamonds wisely, which just happens to be our expertise.

Have a sparkly day!

Jason Veen