Let me get this straight, for all the straight couples out there.  When you get engaged, the girl gets the ring.  When she meets up with her friends and family to announce the big news, without saying a word, flashes that new ring and everyone loves it.  Right?

When the guy is out with friends or family, he has no choice but to say the words “I’m engaged”, standing there like an idiot with nothing to show. He’s not wearing anything as proof and won’t get the thunderous round of applause like she did… so sad!

What the hell? Seems wrong!  

Until the wedding, probably delayed like ours if you’re engaged already, the men wear nothing. 

As if! This could take a while.  Some couples are engaged for years! Me and Sam have engagement rings, partly for this reason. Why wait for the big day?

If you’ve read our engagement story “He Said Yes” we both bought 2 rings. Long story short, we both went affordable knowing we will go out and pick out rings together before the wedding next April. 

Since obviously we’re jewelry buffs, we have our hearts set on white gold or platinum, which we will pick out before the wedding next April. 

So, we will each have 3 rings!  Does it sound like too much?  Not even!

The cost of all of them together is hardly the cost of most ladies’ engagement rings!! So, in true LuxGuys style, we are changing the rules and letting all the men, gay or straight, have a little fun!

Let us whip out something shiny and new to show all our friends! No not that…

It’s the wedding watch!

Lets’ face it, us boys like our watches. Patek, Cartier, Breitling, Tag, Omega…. Life goals to say the least! These watches can cost a pretty penny and what better occasion to get one.  Those watches will live longer than us, they are heirlooms!

“With this Watch, I Thee Wed” … I like it!

Cost? If you are straight, I suppose the cost of the ring, to keep things fair. If you’re gay, well I guess make up whatever the hell you want to spend! The advantages of being a childless gay couple – disposable income!  Regardless, go hard, it’s a special watch with lots of special meaning!

Heirloom pieces get handed down.  I’m sure lots of you out there have inherited your Grandmothers, or Mothers wedding ring.  I would love to have something as special as that to hand down.

My Wedding Watch! Wedding traditions re-invented!  

We’ve been looking and have narrowed it down to 5! We will be revealing our top picks soon!

Stay tuned and shine bright!