The KISS will tell you EVERYTHING!!

If you really think about it, kissing is really weird. You press your lips against someone you think you like and either you want more or stop liking them instantly. Yes, some of them can be that bad! Who knows where that mouth has been!

Our first kiss happened to be right at sunset so it couldn’t have been a more perfect setting!. I mean come on!!… sunset, patio, ocean, margaritas?? The mood was set!

Kissing Sam made me feel like suddenly life made more sense. It was a moment that felt so right that we both just started laughing at how perfect it was. Sam looked at me mid-kiss and said “this doesn’t just happen all the time does it? It’s not just me is it?.. are you feeling what I’m feeling”. I laughed and said “Hell yes!!”.. giggling like a school girl!

That intense emotion smacked us both hard, like a backhand right across your face. You could call it a good old fashioned Rupaul slap, full hand!! That first kiss not only gave me such a huge sense of comfort but also told me that my life was changing forever… all from a kiss.

Of course it felt amazing so I kiss him all the time! What the hell? Does kissing really tell you enough of what you need to know about that person or am I nuts?

Did your story start with a good or bad kiss? Tell me everything!