Engagement Ring Lesson

Buying a diamond engagement ring online?  This is for you!

Buying an engagement ring is a significant life event that we put a lot of importance on. So why do we get nervous to pop the question when we find our special someone? This is more of an engagement ring guide rather than a proposal guide, but surely if you know you nailed the ring, you’ll feel better. But even if you are feeling confident that we will get a yes, why stress out?

Here’s the thing, he or she has likely painted an image in their mind on how the proposal should go. As the proposer, you have probably been thinking about asking for a while with some vague ideas of a romantic dinner, but it’s time to get somewhat serious and realize that the vague proposal ideas may not be what they have in mind, but regarless, making an effort goes a long way.


Words of Wisdom: Not only are you taking a big step in your relationship, but you want to be sure that you select a ring that they will love. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with picking the right diamond, selecting the ring, planning a romantic evening, and choosing who to buy from. 

It is a fact that diamond prices online are 30% – 40% less than in retail stores so it goes without saying that online is where you will find the best price and by far the best selection.   Why is that? 

Simple Solitaire

The truth is, online retailers have the buying power to buy in large volumes. The more they buy, the more they save when buying direct from De Beers.

De Beers control approximately 80% of the worlds diamond inventory and manage a select list of retailers who are authorized to buy directly from them. Those retailers are known as “De Beers site holders”. An authorized site holder has the benefit of buying direct from De Beers, which is as close to buying directly from a diamond mine as you can get. 

The Many Benefits of Buying Diamonds Online

Many online retailers will take the rough diamonds they purchase and do their own cutting and manufacturing. This is huge win for the consumer because on the flip side, if that rough diamond needed to be sent to a cutter and then to a polisher, the diamond would have increased in price.

Every time a diamond changes hands, the price goes up.  Diamond cutters do not work for free so by having this all done in house, any middle-man costs are eliminated.  Those savings are then passed along to the consumer.  This can easily be found online or if heading to a duty-free shopping destination, such as the Caribbean. The best selection is online.

The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

When shopping for a diamond, the most important factor that will impact the visual appearance and the value of the diamond is the cut. If a diamond is cut well, its true beauty will shine, the appeal will be enhanced, and the value of the diamond will increase.

Listen to this, do not put too much importance on carat weight, but have a good idea of your desired carat weight range before you start your search. A common mistake is to start your search with an exact carat weight. You can be flexible with carat weight to get a diamond with more brilliance and fire. In most cases, by simply reducing the carat weight, you will be able to shift some of your budget and have more to invest into a higher cut grade without having to spend more.

Having some flexibility will allow you to view higher quality diamonds with higher cut grades.  Never purchase a larger diamond with a lower cut grade because it will not be as beautiful. It’s as simple as that. 

This is exactly how diamond experts will shop. Small adjustments can be made in your search that will almost always reveal a diamond with some extra brilliance, available for purchase.

The good news is that well-cut diamonds also appear whiter, larger, and brighter. Any reductions made in carat weight will be made up with a significant increase in sparkle by reflecting light which will increase the value of your diamond.




Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring Online

 Once you have found the diamond, it is now time to select a setting. I beg you to keep that setting as simple as possible. If you are planning a surprise proposal its important to know that you do not need to worry about buying the right style.

If you place the diamond you have chosen into a simple solitaire setting, I am sure you will still get a “YES”. She can then have fun designing her own ring with endless possibilities, or keep it as a simple solitaire, which is about as classy as you can get.


On a personal note, I proposed to my partner on a road trip from Vancouver BC to San Diego on Oct 8th, 2019, in Monterrey, CA.  It was perfect, at dusk, on a patio covered with candles and flowers overlooking the ocean. It was intense!  I managed to form some words between tears, I had the ring box upside down and the ring fell out of it! He said yes between sobs before I could even find where it fell!  Little did I know he had a plan of his own and had a ring with him as well. Needless to say,  I also said yes…It was perfect.


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Feel confident from the start knowing that we have carefully selected our Top 6 Partners to get you off on the right foot.  

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