Beyonce Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

In all the years we have been in the diamond industry, the Emerald Cut Diamond has always been admired and adored, but often losing out to a Round Brilliant or Princess Cut when it came down to actually making a purchase. 

Emerald Cut Diamonds are the 3rd most popular diamond  shape behind the Round Brilliant and Princess Cut.

In fact, Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement rings are truly a stunning choice that we personally love. They are unique! Very Nice!

Since they are not a Round Brilliant, Emerald Cut Diamonds are part of the “Fancy Shape” family.  Some may confuse an Emerald Cut Diamond with Radiant Cut Diamond or an Asscher Cut Diamond. Each diamond shape is very different.  


A Radiant looks like it has the same proportions as an Emerald Cut but that’s about it. 

A Emerald Cut has distinct, elongated facets, which I will speak more about, that make it stand out from the crowd.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Radiant vs Asscher vs Emerald cut engagement diamonds

An Asscher Cut Diamond is more similar in it’s cut to an Emerald Cut Diamond which will give it a similar effect with the light reflection, but in the shape of a square rather than a rectangle giving them distinct differences. 

By having an Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, you will instantly put yourself into the “rare” category yourself. 

What’s interesting is that only 7 in 100 women choose an Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring! Obviously Beyonce is no exception to this. Known for her exceptional style, there is no surprise why she chose an Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

They have the “Wow Factor” and not everyone has one.  Not many can afford the size of Beyonce’s rock but you get the idea. It’s looks heavy! 

The Emerald Cut was originally developed for Emeralds, which is the ideal cut to show off the true beauty of an Emeralds deep green color. It’s elongated facets allowed for this.

Remember that facets are essentially all tiny little reflective surfaces. Where they are placed and how they are angled is what will give you the most fire and brilliance in a diamond.

There are 57 or 58 in a Round Brilliant compared to about 47 for an Emerald Cut.  This does not mean that an Emerald Cut Diamond will not sparkle and shine. 

If you were to place an Emerald Cut Diamond next to a Round Brilliant or Radiant like I mentioned before, you will notice right away that rather than having all over sparkle, an Emerald Cut will have less frequent but larger, brighter flashes of light.  

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Sparkle

Those large flashes of light definitely make an impression, especially if the diamond has been cut well.  We are talking about possibly blinding someone on the other side of the street!  That’s the sparkle I’m talking about, smack you across the face gorgeous! 

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Panorama

The shape of an Emerald cut can have a bit of a range from a short to long rectangle.  Ideally the proportions should make this appear like a perfect rectangle.  Some prefer a moreelongated triangle which boils down to personal preference. 

Emerald Cut Diamonds have a benefit to its shape,clipped corners ! Compare this to a Princess Cut which will have sharp edges. Having clipped corners makes an Emerald Cut more durable. 

Over time a Princess Cut can sometimes, but not too very often, chip on it’s sharp edges. Most Princess Cut Diamond Settings have this in mind and offer various styles that are also designed to protect the stone.

Because of an Emerald Cuts unique corners which increase it’s durability,  there are more variations that this diamond can be mounted both vertical and horizontal that will never compromise the integrity of the diamond.

Following our new list of the 6 Hottest Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Designs, I share an important tip about the importance of clarity and a way you could save some substantial money. 

In this installment of the Best Engagement Rings Online, we have narrowed down the Top 6 Hottest Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings.   



Emerald Cut Heiress Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Blue Nile Studio

Blue Nile Studio Emerald Cut


Emerald Bypass Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Emerald and Round 3 Stone Diamond Engagement


French Set Diamond Engagement Ring with Emerald Cut Center Stone

French Set Diamond Engagement Ring


14K White Gold Halo Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Halo Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Petite Twist Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

Petite Twist Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Calais 18K White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Calais - 18K White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

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The Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring – Considerations

An Emerald Cut Diamond will not hide it’s inclusions or imperfections very well.  Because of the limited number of facets on its surface, it’s just like looking into a shard of glass.  Generally speaking, Emerald Cut diamonds are higher in clarity because of this but there are exceptions to this. 

Important Tip

Although 2 Diamonds might be both graded and S11 in clarity, the inclusions will not be in the same place.  Every diamond is unique. One diamond may show an inclusion front and center while the other has one on the side or edge of the diamond. Sometimes you can cover inclusions with a prong.  A cleverly placed prong over a perfectly placed inclusion means that when covered, it will look just like a diamond with a higher clarity grade but will cost considerably less. This diamond will still be graded an S12 but look like a VVS1 because we were able to cover any obvious imperfections. 

Learn More about CUT, COLOR and CLARITY

With that said, Emerald Cuts are incredibly beautiful and would be an awesome choice! 

We hope to make buying an Engagement Ring online an easy experience without all the stress.  If you haven’t already, Check out our other top picks for more fantastic ideas! 

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We hope you loved our choices as much as we do.  As usual, keep shining bright out there!