Entering the world of online diamond buying, where a selection of thousands of diamonds all calling out “pick me, pick me!” can be overwhelming.  

These tips and knowledge of what to look for will not only save you some money, but give you the ability to buy a diamond online, sight unseen.

Let me tell you this! We all know that diamonds are not an every-day purchase! It’s a special purchase that takes some thought and preparation. 

It might be a proposal, birthday, special occasion or even a celebration of yourself for no reason other than deserving it (which I’m a pro at).  Regardless, it carries meaning.  

The number one question I receive is “Jason, how do I buy a diamond?”, followed closely by “Help, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing!”  

Not many of us are diamond pros so having at least the basics will be a huge help. That’s what we’re here for! 

Hopefully I can replace that fear with CONFIDENCE so you can enjoy the experience, and spend less time searching for hours and hours. 

I have got to tell you, I have shopped at many online diamond retailers and a few of them blew me away with how easy they made the process!  One that I absolutely loved was withclarity.com  They will actually create 2 replicas of the ring you are creating just so you can try them before creating your ring.  I love that!  

You can pick a loose diamond, all of which have GIA certification which I’ll get into but, it’s awesome! You then select your mounting and boom! Your dream ring!  Designed by you! 

The diamond certificate will tell you everything you need to know about the diamond.  It’s symmetry, polish and cut grade is where it all begins as we discuss the first of the 4C’s, CUT, and SHAPE. 

Here’s the deal! CUT is so different to SHAPE! Round, Princess, Asher, Marquis and Oval are just a few examples of SHAPES, which comes down to personal preference. 

The CUT is actually how well the diamond has been cut. It’s proportions, the angle of each facet, the symmetry and polish.  

With that said, all of those will tell you if the diamond will have that fire and sparkle we all want in our diamonds. I’m talking enough sparkle to blind someone from across the room!  That’s a killer diamond if you ask me!

Is bigger better?  Not always! Unless you’re a size queen, or king, be open minded and invest your money where you can actually see the difference. This is CUT

If a diamond is cut well it will appear larger and brighter. This is all because more light will reflect back up through the top of the diamond giving it far more brilliance, than a diamond that has been cut too shallow or too deep.  Those will lose light through the sides or bottom. 

What if you are shopping online and you can’t see the diamond? How would you know if you’re getting a diamond that sparkles? This is the fear many have when buying online!

It all comes down to how the diamond has been graded and what to look for on the diamond certificate.  I like GIA, they are industry leaders and have very high standards. 

Although some others are good, there is a reason why the top online diamond retailers tell you that they have GIA certified diamonds, and not another grading institute.  They are the best and this is what people look for.  

My biggest advice is to invest your money where you can see that visible difference with the naked eye.  Only spend extra when the visual differences start becoming more obvious. 

Color would be considered another visible difference, or is it?  Could the tone of the metal you prefer make a huge difference in the diamond you choose?


Thanks for reading and keep on Shining Bright!