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8 Easy Steps To Buy The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring Online with Certainty

Our 8 Easy Steps To Buy The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring Online will allow you to compare, adjust and end up with the best diamond possible for your budget. This is a must read…

The Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring – Your Master Guide

Princess cuts are super popular and have really great fire and sparkle. They are considered part of the “Fancy Shape” family, which are essentially all of the diamond shapes, except the round brilliant.

Art of Buying Diamonds Online – Part 2

When buying diamonds, the color grade will give you lots of flexibility to cut the cost. You may even be able to get a larger diamond within your planned budget. Here’s how!

The Top 5 Cushion Cut Engagement Rings – Fall 2020 Design Winners

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings are trendy and unique at the same time. Although round is by far the most popular, Princess and Cushion round off the top 3. You will notice a lot of fire in a cushion cut. It’s all about the sparkle which is part of their appeal.

Art of Buying Diamonds Online – Part 1

These tips and knowledge of what to look for will not only save you some money, but the ability to buy a diamond online, sight unseen. 

Top 10 Mothers’ Day Gifts That Sparkle

Without entirely breaking the bank, we have chosen our top 10 Mothers’ Day Gifts that Sparkle, for under $1000.