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Rather than spending hours and hours looking at hundreds of options of Diamond Engagement Rings, we have carefully selected the best of the best online jewelers for you.  Our partners all offer countless certified, ethically sourced, high quality, well cut “sparkly” diamonds to choose from. In addition, gorgeous styles and lifetime guarantees. You can’t beat that!  Shopping luxury means you should feel confident in your purchase.  We’ve done the work. Enjoy our top picks with total confidence and have fun!  


Blue Nile

Over 2,000,000 customers and growing since Blue Nile was founded in 1999. They revolutionized the industry with an online business model that made it possible to shop for high quality diamonds at a great value, all at your fingertips. Offering GIA-Graded Diamonds and Lifetime Guarantees.  They make buying diamonds online super easy and started this trend that has no end in sight. 

James Allen 

The largest privately held online diamond and bridal retailer in the world.   Over 200,000 diamonds all photographed in 360 HD. What? Crazy! Free shipping worldwide with hassle-free returns and 100% money back guarantees. Offering a fantastic selection of sophisticated styles with the option of a Real-Time Diamond Inspection, not to mention a lifetime warranty. 


The company name was derived from the word “Allure” . They believe that jewelry is meant to be eternal. We agree!  The Z was added as a metaphor meant to be symbolic of love from the start and to remind us of this. From A to Z as our love for our partner matures and grows. Pretty sweet!  What they have are amazing styles. We love their website and the fact that they offer free engraving! Cute! It  really makes your purchase just a little more special. They also donate 5% of their profits to charity.  Love that! 

With Clarity 

Started by a husband and wife with a model of designing your own dream ring.  Since we are all about how purchasing online, we love that WithClarity says that the best way to buy the ring is to see if for yourself. They offer a Home Preview Program which allows you to try up to 2 customer replica rings from the comfort of your home.  So cool ! They are the only online retailer so offer such a unique service.  So great! 

Gabriel & Co

Our jaws dropped when we started looking at the styles Gabriel & Co offers.  They are very fashion forward with such unique and elegant styles.  They have been around the longest with over 30 years in the industry, they have earned the reputation of being passionate and dependable with artistic designers, creators and manufacturers.  If you’re looking for a real head turner, this is totally the place!  I think we said WOW about 50 times as we scrolled through their site. You’ll have to see for yourself what we’re talking about. Fantastic!