We love a Princess Cut! Maybe we just like to say the word “Princess” or feel like a Princess when we wear a Princess Cut Diamond but either way, both sound fun!!  For all we know it could have been named something boring like  “The Square” diamond, so bravo for giving this diamond shape the name it deserved with the beauty to match. 

Princess cuts are super popular and have really great fire and sparkle. They are considered part of the “Fancy Shape” family, which are essentially all of the diamond shapes, except the round brilliant.  

Although the Round Brilliant is still the top choice, the Princess Cut is in 2nd place with just over 20% of all online searches, above Asscher, Emerald and Cushion Cut. It’s popularity has been consistent over the last 30 years. 

The Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Your Master Guide

Princess Cut – The More Affordable Choice?

Believe it or not, a Princess Cut diamond will generally cost less than a Round Brilliant. The reason for this is simply because of its transformation by a diamond cutter from a rough diamond to a fully faceted Princess Cut, when it’s all Glammed Up! 

When a diamond is being cut, diamond cutters will maximize what they have into the best proportions possible, giving the diamond the most amount of fire and brilliance out of the rough they are given to work with. They come in various shapes in the rough so it’s not easy and quite often, carat weight is sacrificed to create a diamond with more sparkle and brilliance.  


Princess Cut Engagement Ring

A Round Brilliant  will usually end up at about half of the weight it started at. This means that if you had a 1 carat rough diamond, once it’s been fully faceted, it would end up at about ½  Carat. A Princess cut would be over ¾ Carat or higher.  This means that only about 20% waste vs 50% with a Round Brilliant.  

This is what makes a Princess Cut more affordable! There is less waste during the cutting process. Luckily for a Princess Cut, rough diamond crystals have angles that are  already similar to a pyramid shape. Less waste means less of a cost to you when you whip out that credit card.  Nothing wrong with saving a little hard earned cash! 

Princess Cut – Clean and Clear

When we speak of buying diamonds and all of the different shapes available, Princess Cuts usually all fall into the “Eye Clean” category.  Because the top or “table” of a Princess Cut Diamond is not as faceted as a round, any visible inclusion would be more apparent.  This means that only rough diamonds that have been formed well and are of very high quality will become a Princess Cut.  Love it! 


Princess Cut or Round Cut?

What we love about the Princess Cut is that it combines a sharp and clean edge, which gives this diamond shape a bit of an architectural feel, along with a very good amount of fire and brilliance.

Currently about 70% of all diamond purchases are round so just by getting a Princess cut you will be more unique.  I didn’t think being different in highschool was a good thing but now that I’m 40, looking back it was a good thing!  If I only knew then…. We all say it!

Lastly but certainly not least is the size. A Princess Cut is pretty much a pyramid turned upside-down. With most of its weight at the top of the diamond, you are seeing most of where you are putting your money. 

Both Diamonds above are each 1 carat and you can clearly see the difference in size from the top view. This is interesting! You may be able to afford a larger diamond than you had thought by going for a Princess Cut! Be bad and go bigger! 

Princess Cut or Round Cut

Princess Cut Diamond Chart

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