If you’re like us, your happy place is your home! Although we are forced to be here right now, we are making the best of it and finding the silver lining.

With that said, our usual routine is work, gym, then relax at home. We both cook, clean, like to have fun, drink wine, walk the dog and love the beach.

I think I’m safe to say we’re a pretty normal couple with lots of energy and a few years under our belts.  Just a few!

Sam crossed the 40 mark a couple years ago and I’m knocking on it’s door.  As much as I enjoy telling people that I’m 39 ½ , 40 is happening regardless of how I feel about it so I say, bring it on!

It’s a milestone birthday! A big one!  We all think about what it will feel like to turn 30, then 40, then 50 and in my opinion, it hasn’t felt like what I thought it would. I always thought I would feel older, but I never did, and I don’t feel order now. 

I feel young and happy. 

Let me tell you that one thing I do feel is a bit more of a sense of entitlement. I’ve worked hard and why not enjoy some of the fruits of my labour.  Since it’s a milestone birthday, I think I should absolutely make an addition to my collection

I don’t by any means have a mass collection of diamonds, gold and watches but, yes, I do have some.

Working in luxury for so many years, I have collected some pieces that are very special to me. Some were gifts and some were rewards I gave to myself! 

Sometimes it was for a job well done and to give myself a little pat on the back. Sometimes it was an impulse buy, for no apparent reason but because it was something I just had to have. We’ve all been there!

Either way, I still have those watches, rings and bracelets.  They have stood the test of time and have become a part of me. I’m glad I invested into quality pieces that will most likely last way longer than me, rather than stuff that I’ve bought that break or look awful after a while, clothes included.

I can’t say all my style choices over the years were the smartest so let me tell you, as a 39 ½ year old man with words of wisdom, keep it classy.

I’m sure you’ve heard that LESS is MORE.  The verdict is in and it’s true!

For guys, it’s all about the watch. We strive to one day have a killer watch, or maybe become a bit of a collector. 

I’m one of millions of men who love watches. It’s a bit much to wear lying around the house but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t done it before, a few times, just for fun!

When I do clean up, I clean up quite nice. I’ll wear a blazer, jeans, watch, my engagement ring (simple band at the moment but shopping for “the rings”) and maybe a men’s bracelet on the right wrist.

Anything more would take away from the watch and what a horrible thing that would be!

For the Ladies, a little more can be done. I’m sure every woman has a black dress that you can dress up or down. It’s the must have, classic pieces that will glam you up rather than bling overload.

Simple gold hoops, diamond hoops or a pair of diamond studs paired with a solitaire diamond necklace look amazing. 

That’s just the neck up! There’s more but still in the “less is more” category

A stylish right hand ring paired with a tennis bracelet and on the left, your watch and wedding ring or a right hand ring. Classy, sophisticated and not over the top at all.  You can even toss on with the watch and still look sleek.

Although it’s probably fun to wear all your jewelry at once, please don’t! Keep it simple and change it up the next day with a new look.

When we look back at some of our fashion “faux pas” they were all because it was just a little too much.  

The 80’s and 90’s were all about “over the top”, but for some reason, regardless of decade, those staple pieces like classic watches for men or diamond studs for women have stuck. They have remained stylish and keep on making us feel fantastic. 

Keep it classy and, as always, shine bright!