HE SAID YES!!! We are announcing today that we are officially ENGAGED! Sam and Jason are getting married in 2020.

We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives, as husbands! This is what life is all about for us… love, and truly unconditional. Saying how thankful we are that our paths crossed at the right time and changed our lives forever is an understatement.

Loving someone for qualities that you didn’t even know existed, suddenly make your heart melt and become all the reasons why you love him so much. The way he holds your hand or holds your face when he kisses you. The way he shows his vulnerable side, cries, laughs, argues and the hundreds of little things he does to show you how much you are loved. A love like this is once in a lifetime.

Our lives changed forever on Sept 9th, 2016, the day we met. We both knew on that day that we had met “the one” and our hearts told us that we had found the person to spend the rest of our lives with. Who would have ever thought that a boy born in small town British Columbia would cross paths with a boy born in Iran who fled during the revolution at age 2 and made his way to Rome with his family until age 6 and then to Vancouver BC, our home together.

There is something truly magical and surreal when you know you have met the man of your dreams. We will be holding onto each other for the rest of lives as husbands.

In a twist of fate, on the day of the proposal, on a balcony covered in rose petals and candles, Jason got down on one knee, crying like a baby (the setting was quite incredible) and asked Sam to marry him. Little did Jason know, Sam also had bought a ring! He said “wait right here”, came back out to the terrace having written the most beautiful proposal, which of course brought on more tears, also got down on one knee, and asked Jason to marry him.

Just like that, 2 proposals, 2 rings and 2 guys who had been looking for each other for years sealed the deal on the same day. . .incredible ❤️❤️