Do you think the percentage of gay couples who feel comfortable and confident holding hands and showing some PDA is going up?

I think more and more are, but not everyone of course. I’m seeing it so much more compared to when I was in my teens and twenties! Many years ago! You see gay couples in their teens holding hands and totally confident and it’s awesome to see.

In the 90’s, not so much. It took me while after I came out to feel confident doing this because it felt scary. For Sam as well who had a much harder time coming out.

It’s funny because we always hear how the generation before us fought for gay rights which I think about all the time and have so much to thank them for, but something special I never realized until recently is that it wasn’t just the generations before me that fought so I could marry my partner that affected my life in such an amazing way.

It was also the young gay couples sense of confidence that made me more confident and comfortable for a little PDA. So thank you young couples for giving us “elder gays”the extra nudge to be super confident, own who we are and be proud! ❤️?❤️