They say people have love affairs with their diamonds. They say diamonds are a girls’ best friend. Heck, even a guy’s best friend! I’m sure there’s a song about that right? 

Why do we want diamonds and what makes them so special?

A diamond in the rough is not so amazing, but with a crazy amount of time and energy, its true beauty will shine, just like a treasure from the earth.  

Sounds nice right? 

Over the years I have literally helped thousands of people by guiding them in the right direction when making such an important purchase. Knowing how to buy and what choices you have is key! 

Right from the top, I always tell people that you need to invest your money where you can see a visible difference with the naked eye. What does that even mean?

Listen to this! Here we go! 

Diamonds are all graded and priced based on the 4 C’s which is Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight.  Modify this grading system with TheLuxGuys method of “how to buy” and it should look a little something like this. 

Shape, Cut, Clarity, Carat Weight and Confidence

So according to us, it’s 5C’s and an S!  Much better! All of which we will talk about soon but let’s just start here, with shape. Shape is a personal preference.  You might love Round, Cushion or Princess. Pick your favorite, those are different shapes.   

You need to remember this!

Cut and shape are two different things.  The cut isn’t so much the shape of the diamond but, how well the diamond has been cut.  For example, if a diamond is cut too shallow or too deep, light will enter the diamond from the top and shoot right out the sides or bottom.   This means it will not have that hypnotic brilliance, sparkle and shine that diamonds will have if they have been cut well.

If a diamond has been cut well, having good proportions and great symmetry, it will sparkle bright!  This can signify a substantial portion of the diamonds value. Why? 

The sparkle is what everyone looks for in a diamond. They are stunning!  This means that bright, well cut, sparkly diamonds are more valuable because of their beauty. 

This is where you put your money!  This is a visible difference you can see with the naked eye. 

With that said, are there ways to know this without actually seeing the diamond in person and take advantage of some amazing collections or even buy a loose diamond online?


There are specific brands that have mastered their own cut that I would, without question, purchase online. Brands that have signature cuts are consistent and usually have high quality standards. This means you won’t get any unwanted surprises if you make an online purchase.  

There’s nothing worse than getting something that looks almost nothing like what it looked like in the picture.  Been there! 

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In addition, there is some key information on a diamond certificate that will tell you everything you need to know about its beauty.   More about this coming up in my next post. The Art of buying Diamonds Online

Stay tuned and shine bright!