If you have always been told that bigger is better or that you should buy from “my guy” downtown, the advice you have been given might be coming from an unreliable source.  If this source is your mom or best friend, that’s ok!  Just because they have no clue where the best place to buy a diamond is and the steps to take when buying a diamond online one, we still love them!

You wont need them for diamond advice any longer because you are now friends with us,  a trendy gay couple who just happen to know a lot about diamonds and how to style them, known as TheLuxGuys. Yay You!

Just for fun, you have our permission to tell them that they can cut the crap and gently fill them in on how to shop for a diamond in 2020.

The mistakes that first time diamond buyers make can be costly and will become habit forming when they buy diamonds again with the arrival of birthdays and anniversaries. The mistakes are all easily preventable.

If you aren’t a Kardashian with cash to burn, we want the best our money can buy and get the most stunning diamond possible within our budget.   This is our speciality!

The only place and best place to buy diamonds is, without question, online. Because of the massive selection online with thousands of different combinations of the 4C’s, you can adjust your search, be as specific as you like and browse multiple options that are all in stock in just a couple of clicks.

Remember This: Online retailers have the ability to buy in large volumes at wholesale.  The more they buy, the better discounts they receive.  This means that any savings that they receive,  are passed along to you right from the top. The savings are about 30%-40% less than retail stores because of the online buying power.

We are here to help you fully take advantage of the amazing price and selection of diamonds online. Today we take a look at the biggest mistakes to avoid and get the most beautiful diamond your money can buy, without breaking the bank.

As a rule of thumb, remember that when you are shopping for a diamond, you should always invest your money where you will see a visible difference with the naked eye. You can learn more about this in depth with our Free E-Book – The Art of Buying Diamonds Online , a complete online buyers guide with essential details on buying diamonds the right way, complete with step by step guidance and the you need to know why the best place to buy diamonds is online. DOWNLOAD NOW


1) Investing Your Budget into the Carat Weight – Big Mistake!

When you are getting ready to buy a diamond, the least important factor is carat weight. Many of us focus on getting at least a 1 carat or 2 carats and have this exact weight in their mind.  This is a mistake!  We are here to tell you that bigger is not always better.

Here is why..

Diamond prices will spike up at every half carat. For example, as soon as you hit a diamond with a carat weight of 1.00, the price will be quite a bit higher than a comparable 0.95. The same will happen at 1.50, 2.00 etc. The term “Buy Shy” applies here.  If you buy just under or just shy of those exact carat weights, they will look the same and cost less.

If you do this, you can free up some of your budget so that you can put more towards visible differences that will make your diamond more beautiful.

First, be sure that there are no visible inclusions with the naked eye. Generally stick with SI1 Clarity or higher to remain “eye clean”. Second, if you are choosing white gold or platinum, stick with colorless diamonds that will compliment the tone of the metal. Yellow gold will give you some flexibility to go near colorless which will have complimentary warmer tones.

Lastly, always remember that well cut diamonds will appear larger, brighter, clearer and whiter. If you invest your budget into the cut grade, not only will you end up with a diamond with sparkle and brilliance, inclusions will fade and the appearance is enhanced on all levels.

For step by step guidance specific to this, follow our 8 Easy Steps to Buy Diamonds Online to ensure you don’t miss any details and get the most brilliance for your budget.

2) Purchase from the Mall Without Checking Online – Very Limiting

Although buying diamonds online might be intimidating, the selection of diamonds and price point of about 30% to 40% less than retail stores make it worth your time to brush up on some “need to know” info to take full advantage of these benefits.

If you are not sure who you can trust to buy from and now question if your friend really knew anything about the best place to buy diamonds, we have done the legwork! We have evaluated many online retailers and partnered with those who matched theluxguys.com standard of excellence.

The best place to buy diamonds is absolutely online but not all retailers are created equal. We found the best 6 online retailers to get you started on the right track and have given them theluxguys.com stamp of approval and full recommendation.

We have carefully selected our retailer partners with reputations of being the best in the business so that you can shop without worry or stress and enjoy the buying experience.

Along with making the buying process easy, the benefits of shopping online come with flexible return policies, free shipping, 24/7 customer care, lifetime warranties and a huge selection of amazing designs with thousands of certified, conflict-free diamonds to choose from. Most will even throw in free engraving and offer discrete packaging if needed.

Check out our 6 Recommended Online Diamond Retailers here

3) Do No Review Diamond Certificate – Knowledge is Power

Knowing how your diamond has been graded is paramount to making the best choice and getting the most out of your budget. You only need to review certain parts of the certificate so it’s super easy to learn.

All of the details you need to know will be shown to you online and will tell you exact specifications and identifiers that are unique to your diamond. The price directly reflects how rare it’s characteristics are.

Knowing the modifications you can make to reduce the price or increase it’s quality is all here.

To gain even further knowledge, we invite you to download our FREE eBook where we dive deeper into the 4C’s and how to apply them online.

We teach here how to shop like a pro and spot the details that you can modify to stretch your budget the furthest. You don’t need to be a diamond expert to shop like one. Our guide will give only what you need to know with step by step guidance to make sure you don’t miss any details.

FREE eBook – The Art of Buying Diamonds Online

4) Buy a Preset Ring Because it was on Sale – You Can Do Better

Unless the preset ring has the exact diamond you are looking for, keep looking. If you are shopping online you have access to thousands of diamonds at your fingertips and will most likely get a better deal on a higher quality diamond by choosing a loose diamond and then choose your setting.

You will most likely find that same setting as an option when you are designing your own ring and can create the same look.

Now we quickly jump to number 5 before something awful happens.

5) Surprise the Bride to be with a Horrible Design Choice – Just Don’t Do It

We have some words of wisdom for all of the romantics out there who want to surprise their partners with a diamond engagement ring when they propose.

This is what you do. Go through the diamond selection process, select the diamond and then choose a simple solitaire setting rather than choose a style option. You will probably still get a YES while down on one knee when you open the box. Let her decide how the ring should look rather than attempting to style it because you probably wont get it right.

She might opt to keep the simple classic look or choose to design her own. Either way, you have already shopped like a pro with our Easy 8 Steps to Buy a Perfect Engagement Ring Online, and without a doubt, nailed the diamond choice.

To change the setting, she can choose from hundreds of options and simply follow the easy shipping instructions. Our retailer partners will set that exact diamond in its forever setting if neeeded.  

This is an easy process with all 6 of our retail partners.

Be sure to check out our series of gorgeous top designs as inspiration to guide your inner designer.  From classic to contontemporary, we will always show you the latest trends, the timeless classics and the hottest looks that made our jaws drop. 


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Happy Shopping!
Jason & Sam