Almost every diamond will have inclusions, most of which can’t be seen with the naked eye. Even under a jewelers’ loop which will give you 10X magnification, trained professionals may even have to tell you where to look because they are not obviously found.

In (The Art of Buying Diamonds Online Part 1 – Cut) & (The Art of Buying Diamonds Online Part 2 – Color), we talk about investing your money where you can see a visible difference with the naked eye.

Obvious differences or inclusions can be very tricky to see with the naked eye when it comes to clarity.

Every diamond is unique so rather than thinking of inclusions as bad, they are essentially the fingerprint of your diamond.

In our world its certified diamonds all the way. GIA Diamond Certificates that will tell you everything you need to know about the diamond so you can buy, sight unseen. This is very important when you are buying online.

The best online diamond retailers do a great job in education which is important because of the selection they each have. That’s a lot of reading so in the interest of saving time, we’re simplifying and recommending only best to shop at.

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Let’s talk clarity. The amount of inclusions or how clear the diamond is will either make the price go up or down. Internally & Externally Flawless or all the way down to Included. If you can’t see any inclusion with the naked eye, we call that “Eye Clean”.

Clarity Diamond Grades

Inclusions come in many forms. More than you would think! They aren’t just little black marks.
Prepare to have your mind blown! GIA finds everything… EVERYTHING!

Diamond Clarity Inclusions

Your Diamonds Fingerprint Mapped Out
Note: Clarity Grade SI1 on the left with clarity characteristics in the visual diagram in the center.

GIA Diamond Clarity

5 Key Points to Remember when Buying Online

1) Invest in higher clarity if you want a rarer, higher valued diamond. They cost more but are worth more and have been increasing in value.
2) Where the inclusions are placed is important. Some VS2 have inclusions that are front and center, some are deeper and harder to find and still be a VS2
3) If you want to save money, don’t be afraid of SI1/SI2/SI3. Even if inclusions are visible under a jewelers’ loop, I haven’t seen any lunatics with jewelers’ loops examining strangers’ diamonds in the streets lately.
4) Don’t even buy an I1 I2 or I3! Unless they are accent diamonds or a cluster, steer clear.
5) Don’t be seduced by a FL, VVS1 or VVS2 when they may look the same to the naked eye as an SI1/SI2 or SI3. The difference may just be the damage on your credit card.

BONUS TIP: Pay more attention to Polish, Symmetry and Cut Grade. If all are Excellent, Good or Very Good, these will have the sparkle and brilliance we want in a diamond. If a diamond is cut , more light will reflect inside and outside the diamond making inclusions seem to disappear.

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Stay tuned for Art of Buying Diamonds Part 4 – Carat Weight. Is bigger better?

Happy Shopping and Keep On Shining Bright!