Diamond, Gemstone and Watch Experts


Jason & Sam are Digital Marketing Consultants, Founders of Brave Media Inc. and oddly enough just happen to be Diamond, Gemstone and Watch Experts. They are newly married, and proud parents to their Italian Greyhound Toby in Vancouver, BC. They seek out the hottest styles, find the best diamonds, partner with the top online jewellers and take the stress out of buying diamonds online. Soak these boys up! 

Jason is a highly experienced diamond educator and digital content creator with a career that has taken him to various diamond mines and diamond hub cities worldwide. He has a passion for the finer things but not overpaying for them.  He spent 10 years on cruise ships as host of a TV show about luxury shopping in the Caribbean.  With an education in journalism, he learned how to style content for a specific target audience.  Jason wrote his first ebook (The Art of Buying Diamonds online) which focuses on buying diamonds online. He has shopped for emeralds in Columbia and mined for Tanzanite in Tanzania, Africa. 

Sam is an industry-leading Digital Marketing Consultant. He decided to put his VP position at a Fortune 500 company on hold and use his sought-after skillset to develop TheLuxGuys and provide the best resource on how and where to buy diamonds, gemstones, watches, and of course, the Best Engagement Rings Online.

His focus is to simplify shopping for a diamond online by providing easy-to-understand, need-to-know information and elevating the online shopping experience. When buying something as valuable as an engagement ring or luxury timepiece online, you should feel confident and comfortable in your purchase.

Jason & Sam are here to share their knowledge, have some fun, and point you in the right direction to buy the perfect diamond, regardless of your budget or the occasion. “Just Because” is reason enough!