We are Jason & Sam – TheLuxGuys

We are Diamond & Gemstone Experts, Watch Enthusiasts, and proud parents to our Italian Greyhound Toby in Vancouver BC.

Jason Veen
A veteran diamond educator with a career that has taken him to various diamond mines and diamond hub cities around the world. Jason has shopped for emeralds in Columbia, has mined for Tanzanite in Tanzania, Africa and has worked alongside some of the most iconic jewelry designers in the world. Having hosted is own show about shopping for exotic gemstones and luxury brands, you will soon see a continuation of this as he begins hosting on TheLuxGuys YouTube channel, focused on shopping for the Best Engagement Rings Online. Coming Soon!

Sam Omidi
An industry leader as a top Digital Marketing Consultant, he decided to put his lucrative VP position at a Fortune 500 company on hold and use his sought after skillset to develop TheLuxGuys and provide the best resource on how and where to buy diamonds gemstones, watches and of course, the Best Engagement Rings Online. As the Tech-Savvy Co-Founder of TheLuxGuys, he is dedicated to simplifying and elevating the shopping experience when buying something as valuable as an engagement ring or luxury timepiece online.

Together, we are here to share our knowledge and point you in the right direction regardless of your budget or occasion. “Just Because” is reason enough for us to buy diamond jewelry, gemstones or a new watch, as it should be to you!