10 Tips Engagement Ring with Most Sparkle

Your Diamond-Buying Cheat Sheet

Here’s the thing. If you are buying an engagement ring, it’s a big deal!  It’s a major purchase that you want to get right. 

You want to nail the style, the size and of course, get the most sparkle you can get. 

It usually takes a few weeks of shopping around and it can be overwhelming, but we want to make it easy and much faster which is a huge benefit to shopping online. 

Here’s the scoop from your diamond experts that we share with everyone we know.

TIP 1 – Don’t Blow Your Budget

I used to always hear that you should spend 3 months salary, but we think that this way of thinking should be tossed out the window. Spend as much or as little as you want and shop with reputable online jewelers.

We have chosen to partner with the best of the best featured in our new Shop Engaement Rings Page, ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck regardless of if you want to spend $1000 or $1,000,000.

Cut - 10 Tips Engagement Ring with Most SparkleTIP 2 – Cut is King

This is by far the most important part about buying a diamond.  The better the cut, the more that your diamond will sparkle and shine which is what we all want in a diamond. 

When buying online, check the cut grade, polish and symmetry on the GIA certificate. We would recommend choosing a diamond that has been given a grade of Good, Very Good or Excellent in each of those 3 paramaters to ensure you are getting a diamond with fire.

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TIP 3 – Clarity is Not King

Almost every diamond will have inclusions that come in many forms, most of which you can’t even see with the naked eye.  For example, SI1 and SI2 diamonds have inclusions but are considered to be eye clean. Only under a jewelers loop at 10X magnification can inclusions be seen with the naked eye.  Keep the following in mind:

  • Inclusions can either be internal or external.
  • Depending on the size of diamond you are looking for start your search with SI1 and SI2.
  • If you are going for anything over 2 carats – stick with VS2 or higher.
  • If a diamond is cut well, inclusions will disappear based on the amount of light reflecting in the diamond.  This is why cut is king. 

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Color - 10 Tips Engagement Ring with Most Sparkle
TIP 4 – Warm White or Winter White?

If a diamond lacks any color whatsoever, this will signify an increase in price because they are rare.  Even the largest diamond retailers in the world will only have a handful of D Flawless diamonds throughout the year.  They sell fast because of their rarity and diamonds are all prices based on supply and demand.

  • For higher valued diamonds, stick to D – E – F which is colorless
  • For the best value. Start your search at G or H which is near colorless. 
  • If you prefer yellow gold – near colorless is a perfect fit
  • If you prefer white gold or platinum, stick with colorless.

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TIP 5 – Is Bigger Better?

You might be thinking to yourself, I want a 2 carat and that’s final! Or you’ve been told that you need to buy a diamond at least that big.  Keep in mind that bigger is not always the better option.  Some facts…

  • Prices go up huge the larger you go. Price per carat goes up as carat weight goes up.
  • Carat is all about it’s weight, not it’s size. 
  • Sometimes smaller carat weights are the best choice depending on her finger size and the size of the setting.
  • It’s best to invest in the beauty of the diamond which is cut. This is far for important than size because a well cut diamond will appear larger. 

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TIP 6 – Consider Unique or “Fancy” Shapes

Round brilliant diamonds are the most popular, but don’t rule out other shapes. All non-round diamonds are called “fancies.” Fancies can look larger and cost less than a round of similar carat weight. Very Cool!

The Fancy Family has 9 members.  Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Cushion, Marquise, Radiant, Oval, Pear and Heart,  Why are rounds more expensive? It’s weird, but it boils down to the established cutting standards. Round diamonds are the only shape with GIA-designated cut parameters. There aren’t exact standards for fancies because these were determined by independent diamond cutters rather than GIA.

10 Tips Engagement Ring with Most SparkleTIP 7 – Save Big and Buy Shy

Diamond prices will increase at the full carat and half-carat marks. Purchasing just shy of those weights is a great way to stretch your dollars. An example of this is purchasing a .95 carat diamond vs a 1.01 carat.

  • The visual difference between a .95 and 1.01 carat is slight. The price difference is more.
  • It can be difficult to find diamonds that are “just shy” so be sure to shop where there is a large selection and you might get lucky.
  • Our partners have a huge selection to increase your chances of this.

10 Tips Engagement Ring with Most SparkleTIP 8 – Read the certification

This is a major purchase, so of course you want to know that what you’re buying is authentic, natural and conflict-free. 

  •   The finest quality natural diamonds are always independently certified.
  •   Make sure your diamond is GIA Certified (Gemological Institute of America).

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TIP 9 – Don’t freak out.

Gearing up for a proposal is a big deal, and you want the ring to be just right. The last thing you need to sweat over is the fine print. No worries, we make it easy and have chosen only the best online retailers to choose from.

Bonus Tip: start by choosing a diamond and then a setting. To be safe, go with a simple solitaire.  At least you have chosen a diamond and our online partners can modify your setting very easily to suit her taste.

TIP 10 – Trust your gut

Trust your gut. Never ever, ever, ever buy anything under pressure. Ever! You should feel totally thrilled about your choice. No regrets, no looking back. When you propose with a ring that you know she or he is going to love, your confidence will shine. Or, you might just break down and cry like me but that’s another story. Have fun shopping for The Best Engagement Rings online.

Keep on shining bright!

Jason & Sam – TheLuxguys